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See our latst offers  that change on a
regular basis. We are dedicated to servicing
your needs

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Out and About
Our Service Vans will come to you

We have two fully kitted service vans
that cover East/North Cumbria
and West/South Cumbria....

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Client Testimonials
We’re proud to show who we work with

Nestle and Cumbria County Council
are two of our clients in Cumbria
- read what they say about us

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Dec 11
Last Updated on 16 August 2012


Nilfisk Advance agents Cumberland Electrical offer advice along with the best service and price for the full range of these amazing products.

Trust in proven performanceReliability is a key component of all our products and of our
partnership with you. It means that you can rely on us when setting the highest standards in productivity, as we set the highest

standards in performance. Reliability is in the DNA that defines our products, services, suppliers and not least what characterises the employees within our organisation – reliability is simply our business.

At Nilfisk, we treat innovation as a vision that empowers us to bring reliability and quality to a higher level, providing true customer benefits.

Shown here is just a small selection of the products currently available from Nilfisk - call Ray on 01946 692004 for more details.

 View a sample of our range.